Kaiyodai located to distance of approximately 15 minutes by car from Nakashibetsu city, Nakashibetsu Airport is plateau of 270m above sea level. The horizon of grassy plain under eyes looks round literally when we see from here and can realize that we are in Hokkaido. Infinite garden representing melody that the forest or waving hill or meadows open endlessly, and there is regular. Large drop of star pours, and large panorama of space where the earth can take in that it is member of Milky Way star opens at night.
 Thanks to you, in trip word of mouth site "trip advisers" world's largest as for the Kaiyodai "thing that performed that chose was good by word of mouth! We were ranked the tenth place of Japanese prospects spot ranking 2015.

Kaiyodai prospects building

◆Business hours 
 Late April and the end of October from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (in October until 4:30 p.m.)
 ※But we always open the roof.

◆Parking lot
 60 (six buses)

◆Facility introduction
 In the first floor, there is corner that can enjoy panel exhibition room and picture of Nakashibetsu which we introduced the history of Nakashibetsu reclamation to other than light meal corner and souvenir sale corner.
 There is performance circle where we can use photo exhibition, the roof by local photograph lover for mini-event or concert to the second-floor fine-view corridor and can enjoy magnificent scenery that view 330 degrees earth gama - ruku is seen.

Cafe Kaiyo die

 With cafe Kaiyo die which is open in Kaiyodai prospects building, even mezamashi TV sells introduced "shiretoko doughnuts" other than ice-cream cone and Gerard.
 Above all, "honey software of happiness" is quite popular.
 Precious honey that cafe staff oneself gathered honey let alone what used fresh milk from hometown at the foot of Kaiyodai.
  It is one article to want to eat by all means if we come for Kaiyodai.

Kaiyodai ranch contact open space

 Kaiyodai ranch spreading out in the west of Kaiyodai puts approximately 1,000 dairy cattle out to pasture in grassland having area for approximately 100 Tokyo Dome.
 Around open space where we just made use of natural environments in plot of the very large ranch, there is promenade of 2,600m in length, and nearby, grassy plain of dark green can see cow put out to pasture and can enjoy nature observation such as plant or wild bird, insect of around open space and nature forest (maintenance forest).
 In addition, it becomes course of sole dairy farming long trail "north Nemuro lunch way" in Japan.

Grillwork windbreak forest of Hokkaido inheritance - konkushirodaiji

 In one of the scenery to be able to look around from Kaiyodai, we have "a grillwork windbreak forest of konkushirodaiji" of Hokkaido inheritance.
 To video which astronaut Mamoru Mori who boarded space shuttle Endeavour in 2000 in the Christian era photographed, grillwork windbreak forest which opened in this area was projected clearly.
 It is 180m in width, global artifact of total extension 648km, and Mamoru Mori tells grillwork windbreak forest that this was authorized to Hokkaido inheritance by ki saying "there is windbreak forest to see from space only in konkushirodaiji.".

Way to Kaiyodai

 Long long straight line road which breaks ranch, and spreads is noted product of Nakashibetsu-cho. North 19 road toward Kaiyodai in particular is situation where is the best for rider with idyllic scenery of roadside. Rider came to call milk lord sometime.

The square sun which is seen over winter

 Phenomenon that the sun looks square has lowest altitude of the sun, and atmospheric layer is said to be phenomenon to be seen for the sunrise to thicken most. The square sun which we can only slightly see a year. When it rose in Kaiyodai, chance is born.

We established "Uni-Voice" to Kaiyodai prospects building!

With Uni-Voice

 Uni-Voice is to install Uni-Voice application in smartphone and tablet terminal, and to read Uni-Code (something like QR code) and can acquire text data and sound data which we registered beforehand.
 Explanation (thing which translated into English, kantaigo, hantaigo, Korean) of Kaiyodai was registered and, in Uni-Code which we established this time, made from thought to want many foreign tourists to visit.

To acquire Uni-Voice application

 We can acquire Uni-Voice from Google Play or App Store.


 It is approximately 15 minutes by car from Nakashibetsu Airport

 There is not directly connected public transport.
 We recommend privately-owned car and rent-a-car, coming by car for hire.